Thoughts about Agile Greece Summit 2016

Last Friday, I was at Agile Greece Summit 2016.
It was a great conference with amazing speakers and very well organized.

Last year, I attended Agile Greece Summit (2015) which was great, but I believe recent conference was greater by many aspects.
This year there were about 400+ attenders instead of about 200 last year, which means that companies start to invest on Agile!!!
Speakers were very balanced and there were 2 main tracks well aligned with the sessions.

For my opinion, the most valuable sessions this year were:

  • “Managing for Happiness” (by Jurgen Appelo)
  • “15 Teams, 1 Continuous Delivery Pipeline” (by Fredrik Wendt)
  • “Spotify Running: Lessons learned from building a ‘Lean Startup’ inside a big tech company” (by Brendan Marsh)
  • “Improving Agility: Learning from Maersk Line Journey” (by Özlem Yüce)

The other sessions were great too, but these 4 were fantastic 🙂

Here are 16 Agile rules that help me everyday, which are all inspired from Agile Greece Summit conferences (2015 & 2016):

Agile Advices

There are many more things to say about Agile, but there are many good books and people that can help you further.

Agile coaching is fundamental for teams or companies that are new to Agile world.

Great thanks to all speakers, organizers and volunteers!!!

Best regards,
Adrianos Dadis.

Real Democracy requires Free Software


About Adrianos Dadis

Building Big Data & Stream processing solutions in many business domains. Interested in distributed systems and enterprise integration.
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