Change Weblogic Node Manager username and password

Did you lost or forgot the password of Weblogic Node Manager?
Do you want to change the username of Weblogic Node Manager?

I will describe you a way to change username and password of your Node Manager.

Change username

Edit WLS config.xml and edit the next line:

Change weblogic with a new username.

Change password

Change password with a text editor:

  1. Go to directory: domain_directory/config/nodemanager
  2. Open the file:
  3. Find an entry looking like hashed=zFiKcLvUQ1x9r11u8tjZlRvwBr1\= and remove it
  4. Fill the following properties with real values as simple text:
    1. password=
    2. username=

Change password via Admin Console:

Log in to Admin Console and go to: DomainName -> Security tab-> General subtab -> Advanced Options
Then change the property Credentials with the new password.

Additional steps

When you finish your changes remember to restart AdminServer and NodeManager.

Also, in order to verify your changes you can connect to your Node Manager using the new credentials:

$ cd /opt/fmw/oracle_common/common/bin
wls:/offline> nmConnect(domainName='test_domain', username='NMUser', password='mpeeeeeee')
Connecting to Node Manager ...
Successfully Connected to Node Manager.
wls:/nm/test_domain> nmDisconnect()
Successfully disconnected from Node Manager.
wls:/offline> exit()


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3 Responses to Change Weblogic Node Manager username and password

  1. Gavin says:

    Hey thanks for the post! Showing the location of was a lifesaver for me!

  2. diego says:

    helpful post!

  3. Cynthia says:

    This worked well on a 12.2 env. This post was very helpful. Thank you!

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