Eclipse “initializing java tooling” error

Sometimes I get this annoying error (initializing java tooling) when I start Eclipse. Perhaps I need to restart Eclipse for 2-3 times in orders to work normally. Today I restarted 9 times, but nothing. I continuously get this error. So, I decide to find a standard workaround, as this problem seems to be an Eclipse bug.

When you get this error you cannot open any java file as you get this error. I normally use ‘Java EE’ perpsective with ‘Project Explorer’ View. My simple workaround is to open ‘Navigator’ View and open a ‘’ file using this view. This should work normally. Refresh the project and try to switch to ‘Project Explorer’ View and try to open another java file in the same project. Normally this will not work 🙂 Go back to ‘Navigator’ View (without closing the opened java file) and then exit Eclipse. Then start Eclipse and you will see the previous opened java file. Now go to ‘Project Explorer’ View and try to open another java file.
Now it works!!!!

I hope this will also work for you.
Maybe you have to use ‘Resource’ Perspective to works for you.

Adrianos Dadis.

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Building Big Data & Stream processing solutions in many business domains. Interested in distributed systems and enterprise integration.
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