Set WildFly binding address and shutdown using CLI

It’s very easy to bind WildFly on a hostname/IP just using command line parameters.
I have a simple GNU/Linux box that I use it to play with various things, one of them is WildFly.

I start WildFly listening on a specific IP using this commands:

$> cd /opt/wildfly/wildfly-8.0.0.Beta1/bin
$> ./ -c standalone-full.xml -b= -bmanagement=  

As you can see, I use my IP in 2 parameters/points. The first one (-b) is the regular address that server listens to serve traffic and the second one (-bmanagement) is the management address. The first parameter (-b) is the old known parameter that is used on JBoss 4.x too.

In order to shutdown server, I use the new CLI interface of JBoss/WildFly:

$> cd /opt/wildfly/wildfly-8.0.0.Beta1/bin
$> ./ --connect controller= command=:shutdown  

JBoss/WildFly CLI is really useful tool, as you can use it to create/change/view various resources on server (Datasource, JMS destinations, etc.) and deploy/undeploy applications.
JBoss/WildFly CLI is very similar to WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST), but JBoss CLI is Open Source and the knowledge is on public space and does not belong to a company or to a closed group. This is the vital virtue of Open Source Software and Free Software, to learn people to share and innovate on the same time.

Hope it helps,
Adrianos Dadis.

Democracy Requires Free Software


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Building Big Data & Stream processing solutions in many business domains. Interested in distributed systems and enterprise integration.
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